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Art of self- defense III

Thirty years ago Si Jo László Márton has written his first book the “Önvédelem Művészete” in English “The art of self- defense”. For the 30th year anniversary the third book has been published.
Authors: Si Jo László Márton és Si Fu Gábor Csuz.
Press: Pethő Nyomda Kft. Kaposvár

H.L.C.T. - Önvédelem művészet III.

H.L.C.T. – “Art of self- defense III”

The book tells us the history of martial arts and the techniques of Hong Lung Ch’uan Tao Kung-Fu.

You can order the book from our Association :
Address: 7400, Kaposvár, Kisfaludy u. 44.
Contact: László Márton, +36 70/945-4181

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Training- 11 December 2017

Si Jo László Márton is donating Si Bak rank for Piroska Bognárné Novinics.H.L.C.T. - Technikák gyakorlása..

Then László Márton, as member of the Asamco Federation All Kenpo Word Council and Chuan Fa Ryu Kenpo Hungary (8. Dan Grandmaster), awarded some members of the association for their hard work in publishing the third book of the Hong Lung Ch’uan Tao Kung Fu.

Tamás Bognár- Rank: 1. Dan

József Lóka- Rank: 1. Dan

Dávid Malatinszky- Rank: 1. Kyu


Snapshots of the training:

H.L.C.T. - Egy kis lazítás...

H.L.C.T. – Limbering up…

H.L.C.T. - Technikák gyakorlása..

H.L.C.T. – Practising the techniques.

H.L.C.T. - A lábtechnikák gyakorlása kiemelten fontos.

H.L.C.T. – Practising the kicks is very important.

H.L.C.T. - Gyakoroltuk a dobásokat.

H.L.C.T. – Practising the throwings.

H.L.C.T. - Edzést önvédelmi gyakorlatok kal zártuk.

H.L.C.T. – Self- defense techniques.