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Thirty years ago Si Jo László Márton has written his first book the “Önvédelem Művészete” in English “The art of self- defense”. For the 30th year anniversary the third book has been published.
Authors: Si Jo László Márton és Si Fu Gábor Csuz.
Press: Pethő Nyomda Kft. Kaposvár

H.L.C.T. - Önvédelem művészet III.

H.L.C.T. – “Art of self- defense III”

The book tells us the history of martial arts and the techniques of Hong Lung Ch’uan Tao Kung-Fu.

You can order the book from our Association :
Address: 7400, Kaposvár, Kisfaludy u. 44.
Contact: László Márton, +36 70/945-4181

Or have a look at our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/HongLungChuanTao/

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