Training and examination

hlct/ February 25, 2019/ Egyéb

Today a new white belt, 10. Tjie rank has been given to a young apprentice by Founder Grandmaster László Márton. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday Grandmaster!

mala0914/ October 29, 2018/ Egyéb

Another year passed, therefore our Founder Grandmaster has become more wiser than before. On this event the whole team wished him habby birthday. As a present he got a picture of a dragon made from pearls. Happy Birthday Master! Chung!

This year’s summer training camp has ended

mala0914/ July 29, 2018/ Egyéb

This year’s training camp ended on the weekend. We had extremely tedious trainings and we also participated in an interesting tour that led us to the nearby Buddhist Temple, where two Buddhist priests are living. At the end of the camp, four of our students gained higher rank on the examination held by László Márton Si Jo. Congratulations to Edit

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