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Summer Training Camp Is Over

mala0914/ July 29, 2020/ Edzőtábor, Egyéb, english, Hírek, Márton László, Övvizsga

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has put the limits of all people’s tolerance to the test, fortunately it has not prevented Hong Lung Ch’uan Tao’s annual summer camp from being held again this year, so after a long break, some students and masters were able to train together again. The gallery of the 2020 Hong Lung Ch’uan Tao Summer Training Camp

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Art of self- defense III

hlct/ December 25, 2017/ Hírek

Thirty years ago Si Jo László Márton has written his first book the “Önvédelem Művészete” in English “The art of self- defense”. For the 30th year anniversary the third book has been published. Authors: Si Jo László Márton és Si Fu Gábor Csuz. Press: Pethő Nyomda Kft. Kaposvár The book tells us the history of martial arts and the techniques of

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